Our competences

LIRMM is a forerunner in innovation, closely associating research excellence, transfers to the business world, skills and expertise in ICT areas. LIRMM supports regional economic development by investing in partnership and business development projects.

LIRMM has also gained considerable experience in disciplines bridging its core areas of expertise—contributing, for instance, to the development of new digital technologies for health and environmental applications.

By tapping our knowledge, know-how and resources, we are striving to broaden our industrial partnerships by increasing our efforts to develop open and accessible technology platforms, applying our expertise to create innovative businesses, in collaboration with companies, especially SMEs, in joint research projects.


Artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, software engineering, cryptography, image processing, data mining, algorithmics, computing


Robotic system control design, modeling and architecture.

Production, humanoid, medical and mobile robotics; neuroprothesis.


Analysis and models for designing and testing integrated circuits and systems,

designing and testing MEMS, adaptive circuits and systems, biomedical circuits and systems.

Last update on 10/01/2019